“The Book Group” British TV Sitcom

In an effort to expand the offerings of AuthorsBroadCast we have been on the lookout for interesting videos to share. 

The Book Group is a comedy drama that aired in the United Kingdom between 2002 and 2003, and ran for two seasons.

Winner of two BAFTA Scotland awards.

This is a very funny series that I think book lovers will really enjoy.

The embed courtesy of Hulu. Watch it here at AuthorsBroadcast.com .

The Book GroupEpisode #2The Alchemist



The Book GroupEpisode #3Magical Realism

** If you need to stop and start any of these videos, understand that you must let the first commercial play before you can take any action such as moving forward. 

The Book GroupEpisode #4Bedtime Stories



The Book GroupEpisode #5Dark Alley

The Book GroupEpisode #6A Little More Living