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Book Trailer Production

There is no camera, travel or actors involved. Our video book trailers are produced using your book cover as the primary image. Your message or story is reinforced in longer productions using illustrations from your book (when available) or stock photos, images and video clips we procure or create on your behalf. Full blown video productions that include actors and live locations can cost thousands of dollars – – that is not what we do.  We specialize in moderately priced multi-media productions that are produced for usually just a few hundred dollars.


One thing that makes our production unique is our adamant view that voice-over is integral to an effective video. Many authors produce trailers themselves or have trailers produced by companies who create simple slide-shows and do not offer professional voice-over as an option. Our view is that the most powerful message is produced using visuals and sound, including voice. Why have only half the package? Sound and pictures is what effective video production is all about.


Videos for Non-Fiction books  present material from an Author who is an expert on a particular subject and will typically feature the book cover as the primary visual with appropriate pans and zooms to add movement and reinforce the message. Graphics and/or illustrations included in the book, may also be supplied and used. Additional photos might include photos or illustrations related to the subject matter. To establish expert status we might also include a formal “head shot” plus one or two pictures of the Author “in-action” either speaking to a group, plying his or her trade, or working with individuals. Other visual elements are used to add entertainment value and hold the viewers interest.


Videos for Fiction books feature the book cover which has typically been well thought out and developed to evoke a particular emotional response. We use appropriate pans and zooms to maximize the effect of the book cover’s visual elements. Often we deconstruct the elements of the cover to emphasize certain elements of the story. We approach every story with “new eyes” to determine what this particular project needs to pique the interest of potential readers.


A picture of the Author sometimes helps the potential reader get more personally involved and helps to build the author’s “brand” or image. Authors who wish to include more biographical information can include additional pictures of themselves and their family. Many books of fiction are based on the author’s expertise or familiarity with a particular subject matter. Photos that reinforce this “insider” perspective are useful. If the book includes interior graphics or illustrations these might be included as well.


Whether Fiction or Non-Fiction choose a minimum of four visuals that you feel will help enhance the sale of your book. These might include the book cover, an author “head shot” and two or more supporting photos or graphics. If you care to write a script, that is helpful but not necessary. Direct us to your website, send us your book jacket “blurb” and/or include a list of phrases that you would like to be sure we use. We find that nearly always all of the information we require is on the Author’s website.


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Book Video Trailers Produced and Displayed