Mobile App Platform

App-in-iPhone-2015How would you like to direct your potential readers to a mobile app where they can watch your book trailer;  listen to or read a sample chapter from your book;  listen to or watch an interview;  stay up-to-date on your book signings and appearances;  order your book and more all from their smartphone or tablet?

The first advantage of a mobile app over a conventional website is that since 2015 the majority of users are accessing information via a mobile device. That mean that your website is no longer offering your potential readers and book buyers the best user experience.

Secondly an app provides the user with the opportunity to absorb content on-the-go. This is especially good for short video and longer audio files that can be listened to while exercising, driving or just relaxing.

The Authors Broadcast App for iPhone and Android offers all that and more.


Go ahead and download it now or take a look at our interactive demo here.