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The goal of is to produce and distribute video book trailers that will pique the interest of potential book buyers.

The objective is to use video to make readers aware of featured books and authors, then direct them to a specific webpage to facilitate their purchase or get further information.

If a web visitor is viewing the video at the author’s own website, or other bookseller site like Amazon the book video trailer will serve to reinforce the message they are receiving there by presenting the information using a concise and entertaining medium.

If potential readers are viewing the video on another website such as AuthorsBroadCast, Youtube, or at our Amazon Fire TV Channel or on our mobile app. Your book video will serve to direct them to a place where they can purchase or learn more about your book.



Why Video?

Individuals respond differently to how a message is delivered. Some people love to read pages of information; some people want just bullet points; others want information “spoon fed” aurally and visually.

People Will Remember :

10% of what they read

20% of what they hear

30% of what they see

50% of what they see and hear
(pictures + sound = video)

We live in a “sound bite” society. gives your potential readers an opportunity to easily and quickly get a quick overview of your book. The ideal video for the web is typically 1 minute or less but certainly no more than 2 minutes. People’s time is precious. The average reader has a limited number of books he or she can read in a month or year. They want to know quickly and easily if your book is going to satisfy their needs. An video book trailer will help them quickly understand what you have to offer.

AuthorsBroadCast is the only book trailer production company who also offers a comprehensive video marketing distribution plan that includes our own Channel on AmazonFire and a mobile app making your trailer available to millions of smartphones, Kindles, tablets and digital TVs.


According to  marketers all over the world say video is among the top 3 most effective social media marketing tactics.
“Video content is king when it comes to social media.”

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