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We Produce and Display Book Video Trailers and Provide A Mobile Platform and Television Channel That Helps Authors & Publishers Promote Their Books

 book trailer production



The goal of is to produce and showcase book video trailers and other multi-media productions that will pique the interest of potential book buyers.

The primary objective is to use video to make readers aware of featured books and authors, then direct them to an online resource to facilitate their purchase and get further information.

Authors can use our Mobile App as their own to deliver book trailers, sample audio chapters, audio / or video interviews and other content to develop their fan base and promote their books.

We even have our own television channel on Amazon Fire where your book trailer and audio visual media can be shared with over 18 million Amazon Fire TVs, kindle tables and mobile devices.

If a potential reader is viewing a video at the author’s own website a book trailer will serve to reinforce the message they are receiving¬† by presenting the information using a concise, emotionally effective, and entertaining medium.

If a potential reader is viewing the video on another website such as AuthorsBroadCast, Youtube, Google+, Facebook, or one of our digital TV channels (Roku / Amazon Fire) . Your book video will serve to direct them to a place where they can purchase or learn more about your book.

Book Video Trailers Produced and Displayed