Authors Showcase

One episode of Authors Showcase is produced monthly and broadcast at this website and on Chicago cable TV making it available to over 425,000 Chicago residents who are subscribers of RCN, Comcast- Xfinity or WOW.

amazon-fire-logosThe show is also available to over 18 Million potential viewers via our AmazonFire and Roku Digital TV Channels  and via our exclusive mobile App for Apple (iOS) and Android devices.

Authors can use the show as a kind of infomercial to be presented in a 10 or 20 minute feature segment. This is a great opportunity for fiction authors who want to build their fan base and for non-fiction authors who want to take some time to establish their expert status or create a demo that can show other producers how you present yourself and convey your material on camera.

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Now please enjoy watching “Authors Showcase”.


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