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“The Man Who Invented Christmas” May Help Authors With Insight Into the Process of Writing

Review by Reno Lovison: “The Man Who Invented Christmas” (runtime 104 minutes, screenplay by Susan Coyne) is a fairytale about a fairytale. As such it is an enjoyable fictionalized film about the writing of “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens which gives a nod to the old adage that all writing is Continue reading ““The Man Who Invented Christmas” May Help Authors With Insight Into the Process of Writing” »

Our Facebook LIVE Results at Chicago Lit Fest 2017

We have been producing video coverage of the Chicago Printers Row Lit Fest for the past seven years then broadcasting it either on Chicago cable channel 25 or channels 19/21 CANTV. This year AuthorsBroadcast took a new approach and experimented with Facebook LIVE which allows us immediate and continuing access Continue reading “Our Facebook LIVE Results at Chicago Lit Fest 2017” »

Nonfiction Writers Panel at Edgebrook Library Chicago

The Midwest Writers Association (MWA) presented a panel discussion to help prospective nonfiction authors. Five panelists, all MWA members each gave a five minute talk that covered five specific tips related to nonfiction writing. “Five rules of nonfiction writing” – Cynthia Clampitt “Five fiction techniques for compelling non-fiction.”  – Sue Continue reading “Nonfiction Writers Panel at Edgebrook Library Chicago” »

Algren Documentary Screening in Albany Park Chicago

Nelson Algren is one of the best-known Chicago authors having written such notable works as The Man With the Golden Arm,  A Walk on the Wild Side and Chicago: City on the Make. He is attributed with influencing the writing of Studs Terkel, Mike Royko and Stuart Dybeck who all share Continue reading “Algren Documentary Screening in Albany Park Chicago” »

Book Coach 101 | Writer Showcase | Chicago

I enjoyed meeting with a wonderful group of current and aspiring writers at the “Writer Showcase” at Open Books in downtown Chicago hosted by Book Coach 101 founder and director Patrice Turner. The event was well attended, providing each participant an opportunity to take part in their choice of four, twenty minute Continue reading “Book Coach 101 | Writer Showcase | Chicago” »

Book Signing : Book Reading |Chicago February 2016

An Entertaining Observation from Caucus to Convention “One Woman’s Amusing 24-month Odyssey Documenting Firsthand the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of  One of the Most Dramatic Elections in History (2008)”  Connie Corcoran Wilson Author of  “Obama’s Odyssey” Volumes I and II In Person at The Root Room 5203 N Kimball Continue reading “Book Signing : Book Reading |Chicago February 2016” »

Self-Publishing and Self-Broadcasting Go Hand in Hand

Nearly every episode of every talk show or interview show has at least one guest who is an author. Most are celebrities or individuals who have some modicum of celebrity status. If they are not a famous performer their celebrity can be due to their proven expert status or association Continue reading “Self-Publishing and Self-Broadcasting Go Hand in Hand” »

Authors Needed to Test Mobile App

We have launched a substantial update of our mobile app that provides authors a mobile platform to share information about their books.  During the soft-launch we need about 25 authors to download the free app and provide some feedback. ************ We will reward you with inclusion of your book in Continue reading “Authors Needed to Test Mobile App” »

Amazon Fire New Books & Authors Channel | Authors Broadcast

If you have an Amazon Fire device such as an Amazon Fire TV, Kindle Fire, Fire Tablet or Fire Phone you can include Authors Broadcast into your channel line up and access great video and audio content related to new books and authors where and when you want to see Continue reading “Amazon Fire New Books & Authors Channel | Authors Broadcast” »

Authors Broadcast & AuthorsBroadCast Trade Name Notice

NOTICE: Let it be known that Authors Broadcast & are trade names of Reno Lovison a resident of Chicago, Illinois, USA D/B/A Reno Lovison Marketing and a/k/a Reno Lovison is currently using the names Authors Broadcast and in the United States and Internationally in conjunction with a Continue reading “Authors Broadcast & AuthorsBroadCast Trade Name Notice” »

What Does It Mean to Be Considerate of Others? Profile: Cary Berman

Are you having a rough day? Have you encountered someone who was not as pleasant as you thought they should be? Do you know some people casually who seem to always be in a bad mood? Consider that other people’s anger and unpleasantness is probably not about you. You might Continue reading “What Does It Mean to Be Considerate of Others? Profile: Cary Berman” »

Support Authors Showcase

Do you agree that authors and readers need and deserve to have a Chicago TV program dedicated to showcasing new books & authors?

View Authors Showcase Episodes

It is difficult for authors of new works, unusual genres and obscure topics to get their books in front of potential readers.  Self published authors and small presses  have minimal resources to reach out to the public.

With fewer book stores available there are limited opportunities for traditional book signings and readings.  “Authors Showcase” is attempting to step in and fill that void by offering authors an opportunity to present themselves on TV in a major market.

If you agree that it is important to have this type of programming available that reaches out to a diverse public audience then please support us through your sponsorship at whatever level you feel is appropriate.

Other Amount: USD

Is This A Tax Deductible Donation?

Authors Showcase is produced by Reno Lovison Marketing / We are NOT structured as a not-for-profit organization. However your sponsorship should qualify as an advertising / marketing expense related to your business since this will be included in our sponsorship roll. Continue reading “Support Authors Showcase” »

Do I get anything for my sponsorship?

The primary reward for sponsorship is knowing that you are supporting a needed project that provides a showcase opportunity for new books and authors. We have a kind of grab bag of thank yous which we will provide to donors.  If this is important to you, just send an email Continue reading “Support Authors Showcase” »

Who can see this program?

Authors Showcase is currently broadcast on Chicago Cable Channel 25 which is available to over 425,000 (Comcast, RCN, WOW)  households within the Chicago city limits.  Including a significant number of Lakefront highrises. The number of Chicago cable subscribers has actually increased over 20% in the past several years. Channel 25 Continue reading “Support Authors Showcase” »

Authors & Guests who have appeared
on Authors Showcase

Imran Ahmad,Ellen Wade Beals,Stephanie Beebe,Richard Cahan,Michael Williams, Phyllis A. Collmann,Tiffany A. Flowers,Michelet Innocent, Carol Neumann, Kyle La Mere, Jodie Jacobs, Molly B. Lewis,Jordan Miller, Gerry Souter, Moira Pujols, Phyllis Jean Robinson,John Rich, Emily Victorson, Martel Sardina, Dr. Caroloretta Tucker, Mary T. Wagner, Joseph Whittington, Jr., Kolin Jordan, Angela Thomas-Lots, Evelyn M. Byrne, Gale Borger, Ulrich & Ellen Sandmeyer, J. R. Turner, Diane Mayer Christiansen, Elaine North, Lowell Thompson,  Michael Ford II,  James Tadd Adcox, Jason Pettus, David Steinkraus, Eric Hendrixson, Matt Johnson, John Brunt, Michael A. Rose, Sauda Namir, Pamela Bove, Mary Carol Berchman, Cynthia Jean Mueller, Dan Dougherty, Rachel Kelly, Ben Gibson, Greg Beaubien, Patrick McBriarty, Krista August, Shefali Mookencherry, Peggy Glennic,Margaret Philbrick,  Lynn Allyn Young,  Dana M. Jerman, Lydia Ponczak, Helen Osterman, Jen Wylie,  Sean Hayden, Claudia Whitsitt, Jean-Michel Smith, Milesit Jin, Nicholas Rokicki, Michael Blake,Jerrod Bergola, Catherine Witek, Carla Suson,  Chris Garlington,  Peter Perd,  Victor Power, John L. Borling,  Dan Boyd, Christian A. Larsen, Cynthia Petayd, Michael Matula, Brian Dobbins, Michelet Innocent,  Lynn Voedisch, Lawrence Weill, Lou Bank, Christine Todd, Sharon Woodhouse, Renee Kreczmer, Rose Laws, Patricia Rose Upczak, Lewis Bailey, James Garner, Robert A. Blackwell, Scott Carpenter, Michael Raleigh,  , Mort Luby, Candace Thompson, Chris Johnson, Emerald Betts, Tory Heleniak, Jim Ruddle, Carol LaChapelle, Sean O’Neil, Bill Hazelgrove, Ali Cantarella, Wesley Sun, Bill Oliver, Nancy Sindelar, Maisha Davis, Walter M. Perkins, Kim Scipes, Karen Ford, Dale Laackman, Blake Hansladen, Lisa E. Scott, Janis Powers, Patricia Skalka, Michael A. Black, Leslie K. Best, Eileen Ladin-Panzer, Arthur Cola, Tamara Saviano, Sue Merrell, Kathy Goodman,  Mart Kanott, Jerry O’Neill, Monica Dougherty, Mary Beth Sammons, Michael Carroll,T. Evan Williams, James M. O’Brien, Joanna Rush, Rita Emmett, Cynthia Neale, Brendan Sullivan, John Linehan, Cane Cunner, Mary Beth Sammons, Monica Dougherty, Mary K. Kanak, Keith Kanak, Phyllis A. Collmann, Jennifer Lewis, Maureel Sullivan, Daniel Pogorzelski, Sandra McCone, Dennis Foley, Mary Pat Kelly, Mark Zubro, Dmitry Samarov, Martha Bayne, J. Eric Booker, Kellee Gilmore, Giano Cromley, Jessica Cage, Amy Joy Lutchen, Gerald Brennan III, Barbara J. Zeitz, Cynthia Clampitt, Jacob Singer, Zach Ridin, Emily Victorson, David David Katzman, Becky Robinson, Cynthia Pelayu, Gina Frangello, Jennifer Karmin, Mike O’Mary,  Chris Mendius, Cyndi Fechu,Sen Van Loon, Daniela Olszewska, Chris Pronckle, Jacob Karss, Dan Seth, Laurie Brown, Holly Yeager, Shay Savage, Sara Time, Andrea Smith, Kimberly Knight, Kim Jones, Renee Carlins, Jodie Beau, Christine Zolendz, Kelsie Leverich, Sandi Lynn, Dawn Pendleton, A.E. Woodward, Ashley Ciane, Paige Gast, Krish Kallam,Jana Fruh, Eugenia Edwards, Amy Miecher, Yulanda Bolton, Jervaic Beene, Beth Ehemann, Jackie Heaviland, Alisa Ponne, Inez Jones, Susan Maciak, Megg Jensen, Mae Wilson, Oba William King, Jan Spivey Gilchrist, Ken Wong, Susan Pfeiffer, Megan Kiotasa, Crystal Van Darlinder, Charles H Ker, Mary Anne Brown, Andrew A. Johnson, William W. Brown, Cindy Avila, Nadine Sebai, Miguel Barbosa, Luciana Salinas, Sarah Sheber, Michael Sampson, Richard Lanyon, Luisa Buehler, Michael Schmidt, Marlis Schmidt, Darnell Witt, Jovan Gudger, Mike Levine, Scott French,  Joseph Abramajtys, Victor Gison, Jacob S. Knobs, Denise Hill, Cass Dalglish, Will Allison, Haki Madhubut, Matthew Swanson, Christian Toes, Philip Metres, Jennifer Karmin, Michael Corcoran.

Reno Lovison Talks with Bruce Montgomery about Business Cards

In this 10 minute video segment of Technology Access Television, program host Bruce Montgomery interviews Reno Lovison author of “Turn Your Business Card Into Business”.Part 1 of a discussion on the relevance of business cards in today’s business climate. Continue reading “Reno Lovison Talks with Bruce Montgomery about Business Cards” »