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We display and produce book video trailers intended to help authors and publishers promote their books. Book Trailers are intended to quickly acquaint readers with an author and/or the content of a new and interesting book available for purchase.


Via our website, mobile app, Facebook page and Amazon Fire Television Channel we provide a platform where authors can share book trailers and other audio and video book related content with interested readers and fans. Including the  Authors Showcase TV Program that brings readers current information about new books and authors.


Download the Authors BroadCast Mobile App to get a comprehensive list of book events delivered in one place and at your fingertips; and a collection of eBooks as well as publishing related PDF articles and audio sample chapters you can read or listen to on-the-go.


Explore the website, follow us at Facebook and download the free mobile app to get exclusive content that’s available only there. If you are have an Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire mobile device be sure to add the Authors Broadcast App to your channel lineup.


This content is provided to help support emerging and self-published authors, and those writing books on niche topics or obscure genres.

Book Video Trailers Produced and Displayed